Monday, July 23, 2007


Casey, I know you just want to be left alone (in the swath of destruction you've left behind)... but if you are trying to reinvent your story for an upcoming defense, you have a little problem....or two...

Remember those tapes that LossMIT posted? You know your sweet info product (damn, you only needed to sell 170k of them to be a millionaire) tapes?

Well, you can't just erase those now... you remember them right? Let me point you towards a little nugget that sticks out in my mind as one of those pesky little truths that will punch holes in this approach.

I don't remember the specifics of which file and what time it was uttered... but I think it was your New Mexico property... you were required to write a letter certifying your intent to live there... your entrepreneury-sense was tingling... you thought it was wrong in your gut to LIE on this, so you did your due diligence and took it to an unnamed "expert" for an opininon.

I believe this expert confirmed your worse fears that you were about to commit a crime... so at that moment, when you knew it was a lie... and a crime... what did you do? Something to the effect of.... "ehhhh, i'll worry about that later."

Welcome to later, kid.

I too miss flailing... it's hard to get worked up anymore with out the fun.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The fracturing of the Caseyverse has, I think, burned out or turned away some of the more intelligent and funny commentary on the whole mess... the anti-LossMIT crew that has emerged at ch.c really has just about ended this thing for me.

For the record i'm a big Duane and Mark supporter. For whatever reason, i've bought their sides of the story. It's funny that in an Internet "happening" like this, you get some really nutty conspiracy theories. I guess i'll never understand the people who live to be trolls.

There was a nice comment over at EN today that about sums up my position on LossMIT:

C'mon now people, maybe LMP is not your first choice for the avenger, but give the man a little credit for being the guy who put on the cape. Casey's has had this coming for quite a while now, personally, I don't have an ounce of sympathy for him. Empathy , yes, what he's going through stinks big time, but sympathy for it?? He's the guy that cajoles and connives his way through life, telling everyone what he thinks they want to hear, and then, when he doesn't uphold his end of the bargain, wonders why folks line up to kick him in the behind. Of course, this is after months and months of the same people trying to help him......

I think when it comes to Casey, "mean" is a relative term. IMO, I don't believe that he is mean at his core, but I do believe that he's so self-centered that he'll throw anyone under the bus to get the shiny thing. Last straw for this mid-western girl??? The statements that all he wanted was his wife back, he'd do anything to get her back, the 20k was so vitally important to the cause, he wanted to pay off some of her debt, show her he was serious. Once he discovered that he couldn't buy his way back into her good graces with 20k, it became, "I need the money for MY defense." Not an altruistic bone in that boys body. No turnaround, no new ways, just the same old ME FIRST mentality. Now, he seems to believe that he should just be able to go about his business without paying any kind of price for all of the damage he's done. If you've lost a little money on him, if you're feelings have been hurt, if he's defamed you or offended you, it's all good, he really didn't mean it, and you really should just get over it.....PUHLEEESSSEE. I hope LMP gets all he's looking for and more...I hope Galina never looks back and I really hope that Casey does a wee bit of time in the pokey!

Anyways, Mark & Duane, there are supporters out here.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Late Night Haterzcast

Kudos to Chief for running a nice program.

Inbetween people lecturing Duane about how the Inner Circle didn't share enough for the people who deserved all the answers I did get a question answered.

Duane mentioned that the FBI wasn't the only entity interested in pursuing Casey... I asked if these entities pursuing Casey for the mortgage fraud stuff or something else...

In true cryptic fashion, Duane answered "yes to all of the above"... interesting....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Yes there is an FBI investigation as well. I just learned about it yesterday after I made the decision to shut everything down.

I’m not shutting down because of the FBI thing. The agent told me they don’t care if I keep blogging since they already have all the evidence they need, including the entire blog, loan documents, etc.

I just want to be careful what I say before I can find a criminal defense attorney and make sure I’m not doing anything stupid.

It kind of sucks that right when I decided to do the right thing now the law is after me too. But I guess we all knew this might happen. So its not a big surprise now.

I’ll just have to take responsibility and deal with it the best way I can.

uhhhhh....ummmmm....uhhhhh.... where do i begin

Thursday, July 5, 2007

That's Some Mighty Tough Talk There Pard'ner

Casey Serin, Man-o-No-Action, gets slapped with lawsuit... at the same time, his family seemingly is turning their backs (finally?) on him and going straight to the Haterz... Angered beyond belief.... Casey does his form of cowboying up... and diverts to Seattle... Instead of using his blog to refute these things indisputably... or even better saving the family he "loves" so much and shut the blog down to protect them from further embarrassment... our hero takes the strong action by posting this legalese for us to try to figure out:

And now I get this stupid Ex Parte’ Hearing Notice from Mark VillaseƱor. Ok, so he is not bluffing, so lets see how good his hand is. Too bad I am not even going to be in town for the stupid hearing (I guess he did that on purpose). I hope the judge laughs at the whole thing.
Wow... I'm sure everyone will call everything off now... Casey is a cowboy like this guy is a cowboy:

Well, maybe he's acting a little more like these cowboys...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

IAFF Demographics

Casey has put up some wonderful demographics for his potential advertisers. Most folks who buy advertising appreciate such detailed information as this:

The audience on IamFacingForeclosure is loosely grouped into 4 categories:
  1. Over-leveraged Borrowers
  2. Foreclosure Survivors
  3. Real Estate Investors and Professionals
  4. “Trainwreck Watchers” and “Haterz”
I think i've put together a more accurate chart to help Casey out:

IAFF Demographics

Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th everyone, you too Mocha (even though i'm not sure you're a citizen, but I won't narc you out to R. Dawg). Let's hope some people gain more independence this coming holiday. Be safe (even though this is a little early).